Featured Employee: Dee Dee McBride

START DATE: April 1, 1999

DEE DEE DOES IT ALL. Being a valued employees for almost 12 years, the E Group world just wouldn’t be the same without her presence. From vendor communications or managing projects to managing the office, Dee Dee McBride is our go-to person.Q: What is your favorite phrase?

A: “Check, Check, Double Check.”

Q: What do you eat for breakfast?

A: “Café au Lait (that’s fancy for coffee with lots o’ milk) and either 1 fruit or 1 boiled egg…usually on the fly.”

Q: Coke or Pepsi?

A: “Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi.. and Diet Pepsi.”

Q: How old were you and what happened when you discovered the truth about Santa and/or the Easter Bunny?

A: “There’s no Santa???? No Way! As far as the Easter Bunny goes… REALLY? A giant bunny wearing clothes and carrying a basket filled with goodies, able to hop around the entire world in one night delivering candy to all? Ridiculous!”


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