Case Study: 3M ESPE LavaRewards

IN JUST A SHORT TIME, E Group has created an impressive response to the 3M Premier RX Program. Working with the 3M ESPE Dental Division, E Group helped to build and develop a dynamic program for U.S. dentists to encourage new and continued use of 3M ESPE dental restorations in LavaRewards including 3M ESPE Lava™ crowns, bridges, and implant abutments. 3M’s objectives were to build a customer database, track usage and reward Premier Rx members, as well as to create another touch-point to motivate customers to prescribe 3M ESPE Lava crowns and bridges.


Launched in January 2010, E Group developed an online rewards program to encourage dentists to use and register their 3M Lava™ crowns and bridges and earn points for each unique product purchased and registered online. Points can be redeemed for educational tools and materials that participating dentists can use in their practice. In addition to managing and updating the website, E Group oversees and executes a highly-segmented email campaign targeting participating dentists. E Group also directs the sourcing, shipment, and fulfillment of the online rewards catalog.


The program, still in its first year, has already produced staggering results. There are currently 2,052 members participating and 25,256 products have been registered on the site. Before the implementation of this program, capturing accurate customer information was a challenge. Now, there exists a highly-detailed and segmented database of dentists who prescribe 3M Lava™ products, which has enabled 3M to better communicate with their stakeholders.

Below is an example of the email communication we create and execute for this program:


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