Case Study: Red Cross Racing Social Media & Email Marketing

DURING THE SPAN of twenty-four hours, the Red Cross Racing Twitter account exploded with an addition of over 190 new followers. By the end of the week the count totaled 1,381, translating to a 20% increase in followers over the course of one week. How did we do it, you ask? By utilizing both social media and email marketing to galvinize followers and reach out to new followers. Keep reading to find out more!

Red Cross Racing, an online donor rewards program targeting blood donors in the NASCAR market, is a robust program with both online and offline components. E Group manages the website, sourcing and fulfillment of rewards items, trackside activation at major motorsports events, email marketing, social media, and other aspects of the account:

Summer is a critical time for the Red Cross as the number of donors decrease, which can leave stores of blood dangerously low—especially Type O blood, the universal blood type. @RedCrossRacing had been tweeting messages urging those with Type O to donate, but needed to get the message out to a wider audience.

The Red Cross Racing team at E Group created a unique and visually-stimulating email in an effort to increase the Red Cross Racing Twitter followers. With Gaby Israel‘s copywritting skills and Dave Bromeland‘s eye for design, the email blast was sent to close to 300,000 users in the database, detailing the top five reasons to follow the @RedCrossRacing Twitter feed in a light punchy tone. The email was sent out and voi-la, the message met its mark.


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