E Groupers go Golfing!

GOLF IS A FAVORITE passtime and hobby for many E Groupers. A lot of us hit the course at least a couple dozen times throughout the summer around Minnesota. A contingency from E Group was privileged to enter a big hitting golf foursome at the 2011 Minnetonka Football Charity Golf Tournament at Deere Run Golf Course. The team, Mark Weber, Lance Maybrey, Steve Ryan and summer intern Eric Klefssas, came out of the gates on fire, birding the first four holes.

The day was sunny and hot…which meant the foursome had to keep hydrated….by any means necessary. There were a few runs on the golf cart to the concession stands led by Lance. After putting up a respectable 5 under on the front nine, the team finished in 3rd place. According to Steve, “Mark won’t be quitting his day job to become a PGA pro.  Not only didn’t we win the tournament, but none of us won any raffle prizes.” The foursome did, however, win a can coolie for their valiant efforts on the course. The tournament was well run, as always, and the guys are already looking forward to next year’s event. I’m sure Eric the summer intern would agree, too!

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