E Groupers in Action: 2011 Warrior Dash!

ON SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011, six E Group warriors assembled at Strohfus Stock Farm in Hastings, MN. They prepared for battle: 3.02 grueling miles helping one another leap over pits of fire, scramble over wooden barricades, crawl under barbed wire, repell down ravines, and even navigate in, over and under a vast plain of scrap metal. Indeed, the 2011 Warrior Dash was upon our fellow E Groupers.

And they did us proud. Victory was sweet with team members arriving at the finish line with impressive times of 43:52.25 to 56:05:95. Let’s see what the warriors have to say about the experience…

“Our team worked together to navigate what seemed like an endless onslaught of rope, rock, water, metal, fire and mud. The dash itself was grueling and exhausting, but that just made it more fun to relax in our mud suits and chat with other competitors about their own battles with the course. The day was beautiful and the company was perfect. My furry horned hat goes off to the E Group EEE’s for making our day fun filled and rewarding! (Viking horn sound here)”

Lance Maybrey

“With the sound of the fog horn whistle and the igniting of the 10 foot blow torches the race commenced. . . Six warriors encouraging one another, working in tandem, overcame the obstacles. Our white shirts, well let’s just say… our newly created, black t-shirts had rips, tears and had changed form and color. Regardless, we all crossed the 5K finish line receiving our medal that appropriately read, “I survived.”

Mark Weber

To our 2011 E Group warriors: Mark Weber, Lance Maybrey, Taleah Perfetti, Leah Headrick, Dan Gore, and Aurea Kennelly, we tip our hats to you.

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