Field Trip! Off to see our new office space…

ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, we were able to journey to the Wyman Partridge Building (110 North 5th Street) to check out a sneak preview of the new E Group digs and celebrate afterwards with refreshments at Brothers Bar & Grill.

Even though our new location is only a few blocks away from our current location, the area is new to a lot of us and we were all eager to check out the new surroundings. We saw our parking ramp options and public transit stops, along with all of the coffee shops and happy hour spots that will inevitably become our new stomping grounds. Most E Group employees are avid Twins fans; so much to our delight we’re closer than ever to Target Field! Is it coincidental that both Paul and Steve’s offices have great views of the stadium? I think not!

The building itself is old—built in 1916—but has a modern vibe as soon as you enter the main lobby. We took the elevators up to the 6th floor, which will be entirely E Group space. The construction is still in progress, so we had to use our imaginations to picture the finished interior design of the offices. We were already impressed with what we saw: impressive windows and amazing views from each room and the unique flooring and layout. Paul and Steve walked around with us to describe the plans for each room.

Both spaces have a warehouse style, but our current office has exposed wooden ceilings whereas the new space has exposed brick walls and a cement ceiling. The blend of the sleek contemporary lighting and furnishings with the industrial elements will make the space a fun environment to work in everyday. I think the change itself is sure to bring new energy and foster even more creativity among our talented team.

The exact move-in date is still to be determined since construction is still wrapping up, but we are planning for the last week of September. Preparations have been underway to ensure the transition will be a smooth and successful one for everyone. Stay tuned for photos of the completed space. We’ll be excited to invite all of our clients to check it out!

Written by Amanda Katterheinrich 

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