Insights on Relationships: Paying your Dues

AS I STARTED OUT  in the working world, several mentors of mine told me that “…in order to succeed, you need to ‘pay your dues’.” Back then, I contemplated what paying your dues meant: working hard for many years; doing things right the first time; learning from your mistakes. I wasn’t sure if paying my dues was one thing, or many things. However, even at that early … Continue reading

Transparancey: A Social Media Norm

TRANSPARENCY IN MARKETING is not a product of social media, but traces back to the days of the snake-oil salesmen of the Wild West. When Doc Brown’s tincture did not actually cure The Vapors, he was run out of town—never to return to “them-here parts”. Honesty is at the core of the transparency discussion. This … Continue reading

Wait Not; Want Not: Why this is the best time to innovate.

“IN THIS ECONOMY?” How many times have you heard that phrase in the past three years? Today’s turbulent business environment reminds me of a nervous airline pilot being told he has to circle for the fourth time. He knows he’s getting dangerously low on fuel and has to make a decision soon. He can’t keep … Continue reading