Featured Employee: Cory Dingels

START DATE: June 14, 2002 CORY IS RESPONSIBLE for the planning, development and execution of E Group’s online programs. As the head of the IT department, Cory has his hands in all of our websites! Q: What is the greatest thing about working at E Group? A: “I enjoy seeing programs evolve from an idea … Continue reading

Featured Employee: Dee Dee McBride

START DATE: April 1, 1999 DEE DEE DOES IT ALL. Being a valued employees for almost 12 years, the E Group world just wouldn’t be the same without her presence. From vendor communications or managing projects to managing the office, Dee Dee McBride is our go-to person.Q: What is your favorite phrase? A: “Check, Check, … Continue reading

Featured Employee: Chris Talley

START DATE: April 5, 1999 CHRIS TALLEY IS THE OPERATIONS MANAGER at E Group. He oversees all fulfillment programs as well as manages the accounting/billing department. Q: Do you always keep debits on the left and credits on the right? A: “That’s what Kay McGrew taught me in accounting 101 back at Luther College. Our accounting software does it … Continue reading