E Groupers in Action: 2011 Warrior Dash!

ON SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011, six E Group warriors assembled at Strohfus Stock Farm in Hastings, MN. They prepared for battle: 3.02 grueling miles helping one another leap over pits of fire, scramble over wooden barricades, crawl under barbed wire, repell down ravines, and even navigate in, over and under a vast plain of scrap … Continue reading

Case Study: Red Cross Racing Social Media & Email Marketing

DURING THE SPAN of twenty-four hours, the Red Cross Racing Twitter account exploded with an addition of over 190 new followers. By the end of the week the count totaled 1,381, translating to a 20% increase in followers over the course of one week. How did we do it, you ask? By utilizing both social media … Continue reading

Case Study: 3M ESPE LavaRewards

IN JUST A SHORT TIME, E Group has created an impressive response to the 3M Premier RX Program. Working with the 3M ESPE Dental Division, E Group helped to build and develop a dynamic program for U.S. dentists to encourage new and continued use of 3M ESPE dental restorations in LavaRewards including 3M ESPE Lava™ crowns, bridges, and implant … Continue reading

Featured Employee: Dee Dee McBride

START DATE: April 1, 1999 DEE DEE DOES IT ALL. Being a valued employees for almost 12 years, the E Group world just wouldn’t be the same without her presence. From vendor communications or managing projects to managing the office, Dee Dee McBride is our go-to person.Q: What is your favorite phrase? A: “Check, Check, … Continue reading

The Newsletter Winners Announced!

E GROUP IS PROUD to announce that the forthcoming newsletter name has been chosen after dozens of submissions.“The winning name was given by two people, so we’re going to double our price and award a top prize to each,”said Paul Estenson, the guy who holds the prize vault keys. The grand-prize winners are: Dee Dee … Continue reading

Featured Employee: Chris Talley

START DATE: April 5, 1999 CHRIS TALLEY IS THE OPERATIONS MANAGER at E Group. He oversees all fulfillment programs as well as manages the accounting/billing department. Q: Do you always keep debits on the left and credits on the right? A: “That’s what Kay McGrew taught me in accounting 101 back at Luther College. Our accounting software does it … Continue reading

We’re brand new!

We practice what we preach.  Just like we work with you, when you invest in your own brand and market positioning, we’ve used those same skills on ourselves.  We’re proud to introduce our new identity, our new web site and this blog, as well! This effort reflects our evolution and is reflective also of input … Continue reading