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Field Trip! Off to see our new office space…

ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, we were able to journey to the Wyman Partridge Building (110 North 5th Street) to check out a sneak preview of the new E Group digs and celebrate afterwards with refreshments at Brothers Bar & Grill. Even though our new location is only a few blocks away from our current location, the … Continue reading

E Groupers go Golfing!

GOLF IS A FAVORITE passtime and hobby for many E Groupers. A lot of us hit the course at least a couple dozen times throughout the summer around Minnesota. A contingency from E Group was privileged to enter a big hitting golf foursome at the 2011 Minnetonka Football Charity Golf Tournament at Deere Run Golf Course. The … Continue reading

E Groupers in Action: 2011 Warrior Dash!

ON SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011, six E Group warriors assembled at Strohfus Stock Farm in Hastings, MN. They prepared for battle: 3.02 grueling miles helping one another leap over pits of fire, scramble over wooden barricades, crawl under barbed wire, repell down ravines, and even navigate in, over and under a vast plain of scrap … Continue reading

Case Study: Red Cross Racing Social Media & Email Marketing

DURING THE SPAN of twenty-four hours, the Red Cross Racing Twitter account exploded with an addition of over 190 new followers. By the end of the week the count totaled 1,381, translating to a 20% increase in followers over the course of one week. How did we do it, you ask? By utilizing both social media … Continue reading

Insights on Relationships: Paying your Dues

AS I STARTED OUT  in the working world, several mentors of mine told me that “…in order to succeed, you need to ‘pay your dues’.” Back then, I contemplated what paying your dues meant: working hard for many years; doing things right the first time; learning from your mistakes. I wasn’t sure if paying my dues was one thing, or many things. However, even at that early … Continue reading

Featured Employee: Cory Dingels

START DATE: June 14, 2002 CORY IS RESPONSIBLE for the planning, development and execution of E Group’s online programs. As the head of the IT department, Cory has his hands in all of our websites! Q: What is the greatest thing about working at E Group? A: “I enjoy seeing programs evolve from an idea … Continue reading

Case Study: 3M ESPE LavaRewards

IN JUST A SHORT TIME, E Group has created an impressive response to the 3M Premier RX Program. Working with the 3M ESPE Dental Division, E Group helped to build and develop a dynamic program for U.S. dentists to encourage new and continued use of 3M ESPE dental restorations in LavaRewards including 3M ESPE Lava™ crowns, bridges, and implant … Continue reading

Transparancey: A Social Media Norm

TRANSPARENCY IN MARKETING is not a product of social media, but traces back to the days of the snake-oil salesmen of the Wild West. When Doc Brown’s tincture did not actually cure The Vapors, he was run out of town—never to return to “them-here parts”. Honesty is at the core of the transparency discussion. This … Continue reading

Wait Not; Want Not: Why this is the best time to innovate.

“IN THIS ECONOMY?” How many times have you heard that phrase in the past three years? Today’s turbulent business environment reminds me of a nervous airline pilot being told he has to circle for the fourth time. He knows he’s getting dangerously low on fuel and has to make a decision soon. He can’t keep … Continue reading

Featured Employee: Dee Dee McBride

START DATE: April 1, 1999 DEE DEE DOES IT ALL. Being a valued employees for almost 12 years, the E Group world just wouldn’t be the same without her presence. From vendor communications or managing projects to managing the office, Dee Dee McBride is our go-to person.Q: What is your favorite phrase? A: “Check, Check, … Continue reading